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The Diana Tenney Burn Research Fund at MGH

April 29, 2015 .... "Had a GREAT lunch and conversation at Maxi's Deli in Stoughton yesterday with Barry (Dr G's Dad (my burn surgeon) and Steve - (owner of Maxi's). Maxi's and Barry are huge supporters of the Burn Unit at MGH and are offering limited edition coffee mugs for a $20 donation which will go to the DTBRF for use in burn research. Lots of good things going on there! Carrie Pratt, Joe and Hadley, Steve and Barry send their love!"

First of all -- THANK YOU to all who have contributed to the Diana Tenney Burn Research Fund. About 3 years ago our fund was used to make a down payment on the CO2 laser at MGH. Dr Jeremy Goverman "mastered" the art of the laser for burn scars and discoloration and I have been the recipient of multiple treatments that have taken care of a lot of the discoloration and facial scars as well as "worked"... on scar tissue. The research study that he began as a "patient response" study has now partnered with the Department of Defense to do further research on this breakthrough treatment. If you are a burn survivor in the New England area you can now sign up to participate (through the link) and receive the benefits of laser therapy. We're making great strides not only in survival but the most important part -- quality of life after a burn trauma.



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