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Maxie's Mugs for Life

Maxie's 2015 Fundraising project: he Massachusetts General Hospital's Sumner Redstone Burn Center and our Mugs For Life Project. Over $2,500.00 was raised. 100% of all funds raised are used by the Burns Center to purchase equipment and/or services for patients and families of patients and to provide educational programs.


Subject: Thank You

My children and I have always enjoyed your Deli. We come for breakfast as many times as we can. Your Deli meats are the best and your knishes are mouth-watering. I would like to thank Steve for getting me a bowl of his delicious pea soup yesterday even though it was Sunday. Where else could you get this kind of service along with divine food! This is the best Deli we have ever went to and I have been to some in New York but Maxie's is number one in my book. I recommend this place to everyone I know that loves good deli and excellent service.

Thank You,


2013 Pickle Pandemonium Fundraiser

Over $12,000.00 was raised with the help of radio/tv spokesman, Jim Braude, Frank Crimmins, MGH employees, Diana Tenney, a burn survivor and MGH supporter, those that donated aucton gifts and funds for the Burns Center and all that came to enjoy the day. And, of course the contestants.

Click here to see slides from 2013 fundraiser

Click here to see video of contest



2011 Fundraiser for New England Sinai Hospital Alzheimer's Day Program. Over $10,000 was raised including funds and community work on building the new outdoor recreatin area for the center on York Street in Stoughton.

"I have been craving a hot Pastromi Sandwich for months now. I finally came across your website! I found it colorful, full of great information, and because of it, I will be coming there next week. Thanks," Patty

Maxie's attracts deli mavens of all ages

A visit from the Pat Whitley Restaurant Show, heard on Sundays from 10 am - 1pm WRKO-680 AM

"If you want a throw back to old delis, then Maxie's is a must. The food is fresh and there is so much to eat you can have another meal. The best corned beef brisket, cabbage soup, and blinzes that melt in your mouth. Good service. Great Breakfasts" ... Annonymous

Can you reccognize The
Boston Globe's Bob Ryan
attending a weekly Canton
Rotary meeting


Can you believe that "dog" --
Pearl Brand 1 lb hot dogs



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